DuKode/OpenIR projects at Knight News Challenge
The Knight Foundation has a new News Challenge with the focus of "How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact?" 

This competition was a useful way for DuKode and its OpenIR collaborators to think about how OpenIR will continue as a project as part of DuKode, particularly in terms of strong community partners and important tech features.

1. Innovative IR Time Sequence Toolkit for Map-Based Climate Vulnerability Analysis (link)

OpenIR’s Time Sequence Toolkit will help rapidly growing cities analyze their climate vulnerabilities. The web-based kit will display time sequences of IR satellite maps, a spectral feature identifier, and algorithmic motion/color augmenter.

2. Accessible Flood Prep Mapkit Based on Satellite Imaging & FEMA Protocols (link)

In an era of more frequent, damaging floods to heavily populated areas, OpenIR’s Flood Prep Mapkit will offer simple flood map tools for everyone. It will build on OpenIR’s Flood Risk indexing processes, government map layers, and FEMA software/data.

3. Infrared Map Installer to Empower Indigenous Advocacy (link)

OpenIR’s IR Map Installer will empower groups like AMAN (Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Indonesian Archipelago) to build their own ecological data viewers with open data, which can support indigenous efforts in the face of deforestation.

See all of our project proposals at Arlene's Knight profile page.