Conflux Composite
The Conflux Festival is an annual psychogeography festival held at NYU, and many of its events have explored the city through crowdsourced (in-situ) data collection; for example, an individual will log (usually through a cell phone or mobile computer) a location where he notices a particular object. For the 2010 Conflux Fest, DuKode held "Conflux Composite," a workshop that will combined crowdsourced data with other types of New York City data– municipal vector-based data from's Bytes of the Big Apple, and remote sensing Landsat satellite data from UMD's Global Land Cover Facility.

DuKode's computer tools include GDAL, QGIS (an open-source GIS software), Ferret (an open-source analysis tool for gridded data), Photoshop, and Maya (for which DuKode has developed custom geographical scripts and plug-ins).

Psychogeography's most frequent focus is on the manmade, built environment. By drawing on its visualization experience with a wide range of satellite data, The DuKode Studio hopes to expose how local geological and topological features influence the environment we build. In doing so, DuKode hopes to bring greater depth, both physical and psychological, to the notion of psychogeography.

This project is the first step in a larger experiment to see if combining geographical and municipal data with emerging crowdsourcing projects will lead to any interesting conclusions or correlations. To take this experiment further, DuKode initiated a conversation with Ushahidi, a Kenya-based open-source project that collects and maps crowdsourced data, originally in response to post-election violence in 2008.

For its crowdsourced data, DuKode used this entertaining GPS collection of Craft Beer Bars in New York City (hence the graphic's title below), and found two loose correlations: Craft Beer Bars tend to be located away from green areas and near environmental risk sites....!

Thanks so much to Dixie Ching and CREATE@NYU for hosting the workshop. Videos of Dixie's documentation are on YouTube and World News.

Please note: More images and a tutorial to come soon.